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With over 20 years of experience, Civic Plumbing in Sydney is one of the most professional plumbing companies offering a variety of services, including gas fitting in Redfern, Alexandra and around Sydney, Australia.


What sets us apart from all our plumber counterparts is our passion to do the job and provide excellent customer satisfaction. We take pride in what we do and handle all plumbing jobs with enthusiasm.


If you need assistance with blocked drains in Mosman, Roseville or the surrounding suburbs, Civic Plumbing in Sydney is always ready to assist.


Emergency plumbing

We provide emergency plumbing services in different homes and businesses around Sydney like burst pipes, blocked drains and hot water heaters.


Blocked drains

A blocked drain causes real problems. We are experts at clearing blocked sewer and storm water drains. We use the latest CCTV drain camera equipment to locate the exact location of the blockage.


High pressure jetting machinery

We use high pressure jetting equipment to clear the most stubborn blockages. If you have grease, dirt, sand and buildup of tree root.  We have the right equipment to clear the blockage.


CCTV drain camera inspections

Our CCTV drain cameras are the essential to locate the problem without having to dig up drains, searching for the mess in and around your business or home.


Taps and toilets

Our service vehicles carry a wide range of spare parts to service taps and toilets.


Leak detection

We conduct leak detection, including pressure testing, nitrogen pressure testing, acoustic noise detection, pipe location, and dye testing.



We are experts in small bathroom renovation, addition or large renovation.


 Hot water

Hot water is one of the most important conveniences in a modern home. We help for the new water heater or conversion to a continuous or instantaneous flow hot water system or service.


Gas fitting

For gas leak, new instillation, extending or altering you service, we are here to help.

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