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Free diagnostic on all your general plumbing.

On every job, we provide you a 10-point survey report on all your plumbing totally free. It's another reason why we are Sydney's No. 1 for customer satisfaction.

What would you do if your pipes burst in the middle of the night? What if your drains get blocked? How about if your hot water stopped working when you needed it most? And worse, what if your gas leaks?

What We Offer

There are a world of plumbing problems that can happen in the most inappropriate of times. When this happens, just give Civic Plumbing a call. A trusted plumber Sydney, we are your best emergency plumber in Sydney with over 20 years of experience in the business. We offer the following plumbing services:

Why Choose Us

When it comes to Sydney plumbing services, there's no company you can depend and rely on more than Civic Plumbing. Rank no. 1 for customer satisfaction, we've been serving happy customers for 20 years. We promise customers three advantages.

First, we guarantee rapid response for all your plumbing service needs. If you have a plumbing emergency, expect our Sydney Plumber to arrive within the hour after your call. Second, we also offer upfront and reasonable pricing for both residential and commercial plumbing in Sydney. And finally, we can guarantee the best customer service. We don't just complete the job well, we also make sure every single one of our customers is completely satisfied with our service.

Let’s Get the Job Done

With our team of professionals and experts in plumbing services Sydney, there is no plumbing problem we can't handle. Complete with vehicles that are all equipped with hydro jet cleaners, Civic Plumbing is always ready to get the job done.

If you need the best plumber Sydney, Civic Plumbing has got you covered. We'll fix your problems and help you maintain your drainage for long-term solutions at a cost you can afford. You can also check civic plumbing blog if you want to learn more about plumbing.

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Service vehicles close to every suburb right across Sydney.
Servicing all of Sydney.

  • Recommended by..
    commercial and residential plumbing

    On every job, we conduct a 10-point survey. Property owners know every job is to the highest standard. We are capable to handle all types of work.

    Commercial & Residential Property Owners

  • Recommended by..
    real estate plumbing

    "Civic Plumbing are professional and consistently provide us a fast, reliable and highly proficient service.
    This is a typical testimonial we receive from residential and commercial real estate agents all over Sydney. We understand reliability so they trust our commitment.

    Real Estate

  • Recommended by...
    professional builders

    Our reputation and diverse experience makes us the preferred plumbers on major city and Metropolitan developments.
    Our standard of work delivers constant and repeat business from professional builders.

    Professional Builders

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    building plumbing

    Maintenance work. We are certified to work in any building or on any job site. Active and consistent body corporate work.
    They trust in our service to be certified and equipped to maintain any building, large or small.

    Body Corporate

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