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After celebrating the holidays, acquiring several plumbing items to your wish list is a good plan as you may start kitchen plumbing repair soon. You may have noticed that your garbage disposal starts to wear down or your kitchen sink has dripping fixtures. As these items are commonly being used daily, these may be upgraded for future use.


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Better ideas

If you have the means to purchase a new appliance or do some kitchen plumbing renovations, you can always contact your local plumber to assist you in upgrading your cookery, along with kitchen appliances. Your locally hired plumber may install gas lines for stoves, including other standard plumbing fixtures.


Several upgrades that you may consider are:

Kitchen sink or fixtures. Does your kitchen sink need to be replaced? Or maybe you should have a better version that may be easier to use? You may ask your local plumber to replace leaking nozzles or faucets, including an upgrade of the whole sink.


Dishwasher. When your dishes appear they need rewashing after passing through the dishwasher, probably it is better to upgrade to a new model. There are energy-efficient ways to save money off your electricity bill.


Kitchen gadgets. Do you plan to have gas range or bigger refrigerator with an icemaker? Seek your plumber’s assistance to get all these installed before the next holiday.


Treat yourself with a fully functional kitchen. Enhancing the plumbings of your kitchen is a better investment compared to other gifts most people have in their lists.


Avoiding plumbing problems

During holidays and huge gatherings, it is highly advised to monitor what you throw down the drain. Peelings, greasy liquids, drippings and other holiday foods are the main culprits that clog many household drains. With more holidays coming, it is a advised to check what should not go down clogging the kitchen sink.


Fruits and vegetables peelings. It is a common fault that many are fond of throwing peelings of many vegetables down the drain. This causes drain clogs. Dispose properly or compost peelings, together with leftover vegetables, to prevent clogging.


Grease, oil and fats. Avoid rinsing the gravy pan in the sink. The greases from these will get hardened in the pipes, building debris and forming a clog. Remove jelly-like substances from pans into the garbage before rinsing them.


Leftovers. Avoid scraping and wiping off the plates into the sink. Use the garbage or compost container to get rid of the leftover before rinsing. Bits of food left on each plate may add up to a bunch of debris thrown down the drain if you have few guests.

Quick Tip:
During the holidays, if your drains are clogged. Try to fix it by flushing hot water (boiling) into the drain. More often than not, it will solve your problem – unless it is a physical blockage.

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