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Civic Plumbing Sydney is a specialist in roofing. For a quick and thorough solution for problems with your roofs, we are at your service 24 hours a day, with no call-out charge.


Roofing Professionals


A roof can suffer from various problems when not paid attention to. Roof leaks, moisture, blow offs, tenting, reduced wind resistance and shrinking are some of the most common problems.


Our experienced roofing professionals are always close at hand to assist you. We work with specific and professional equipment to solve your roofing problem. Civic Plumbing does not want you to worry during rainy and stormy seasons and give you a peace of mind that your roofing problems and fixed and handled by the professionals.


Aside from the roofs, our plumbers can also conduct a 10-point survey to make sure that your gutters, sink, taps and shower heads are working properly. This survey report is an SOP for the plumbers to conduct so that you know your general plumbing status.


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