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Shower Repairs

Let’s face it. Showers are the bathing choice of just about everyone. So if your bathroom has become a family bottleneck because your shower is leaking or your bathroom is now just not big enough, let Civic Plumbing Sydney repair the leak or fit-out a new bathroom making it do more for the space available.


Shower Repair


We can replace a leaky base, replace a tub with a shower only or install an additional shower to handle demand. Civic Plumbing Sydney has been responsible for some of Sydney’s most affluent bathroom fit outs yet we have been responsible for 1000’s of the smaller and low cost fit outs. Bathroom fit-out, big or small, repair or maintenance a leaking shower, Civic Plumbing Sydney can get the shower repairs done fast and efficient.



The morning shower is a joy but the city council seems to be making the cost water usage higher and higher. Civic Plumbing Sydney is a water management specialist and carries water conservative shower heads in all our vehicles.

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